The Ordination of Fr Albert Zindonda and Fr George Hama in the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe

By Fr Mark Chikuni, C.Ss.R

(Harare, Zimbabwe) On Saturday, the 1st of September 2018, the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe was blessed with two young priests who were ordained by the Right Reverend Bishop Mupandasekwa at St Augustine’s Catholic Church in Hatcliffe, Harare. These were Fr Albert Zindonda from Chirumhanzi in Gweru diocese and Fr George Hama from Bhikita in Masvingo diocese.


The colourful and prayerful ceremony was graced by the very reverend Fr Ronald J. McAinsh the Provincial superior of the London province (Zimbabwe is part of the London Province). The were also several local nuns, brothers and priests.


In his sermon, Bishop Mupandasekwa encouraged the ordinands to remain close to Christ through prayer and learn to love from him. He reminded them that unless they love the lord they will never truly love his sheep, the people. In a brief speech, just before the end of Mass, Fr Ronald McAinsh reiterated that the newly ordained ought to be men of prayer. He said while they have a huge task as missionaries of the word they must always find time to pray in community.