A briefing from St. Augustine’s Parish

St. Augustine’s parish is situated in a recent high density suburb in the North of Harare. It is precisely located number 1149 Chingwa Road in Hatcliffe. St. Augustine was a centre of St. Gerard’s parish since its inception until recently. Although the parish is composed of lovely and faith loving people, the majority of the population earns very low income. This is generally true in Zimbabwe at present (due to a dire economic situation), but the effects of low income are high. It is not uncommon to find depressed congregants.
The faithful of St. Augustine’s parish have had to go through a painful journey of being wined from the relatively well to do parish of St. Gerard to try and sustain themselves as a parish. This was a very difficult process as the early missionaries, in order to set up the faith community, depended on donations. Amazingly, the people have made great efforts to try to improve the parish’s infrastructure. In fact, there is notable huge positive developments. They have really tried to maintain the current infrastructure in good order.

As a parish we are very grateful to the mother parish of St. Gerard which has lifted us up over the years. We just hope that they will not completely abandon us as we still need occasional care even though we realise the dangers of a “dependency syndrome.” We are currently in the process of building a church hall where we can benefit from an offering from well-wishers.
Fr. MUBAIWA, Gift C.Ss.R.– Parish Priest
Email: staugistine@redemptorists.org.zw