By Magaya Ngonidzashe (student)

Being at Alphonsus House, the experience I’ll share is rather a series of community activities, which are linked together. I joined the Congregation of The Most Holy Redeemer (The Redemptorists) community in February 2016. My religious life as a student has been, and is, a source of joy, peace and fulfillment. I love the Redemptorist spirituality that is dedicated to following Christ in an apostolic community that shares His mission of preaching Good News to the poor and the most abandoned. The community life is directed by the Gospel and molded by the Congregation’s Constitution and Statutes particularly constitution 20:
“Strong in faith, rejoicing in hope, burning with charity, on fire with zeal, in humility of heart and persevering in prayer, Redemptorists as apostolic men and genuine disciples of Saint Alphonsus follow Christ the Redeemer with hearts full of joy; denying themselves and always ready to undertake what is demanding, they share in the mystery of Christ and proclaim it in Gospel simplicity of life and language, that they may bring to people plentiful redemption.”
My formation has cultivated in me a strong relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary whom the Redemptorists see as the model and helper assisting in missionary life. Redemptorists are likewise close to the poor whom serve. They also endeavor to develop a simple life style.
For me, the demands of religious life essentially involve two things; namely, falling in love with Christ and wanting to live in community with others. In the Community, life is characterized by many ordered activities. These include community prayer and meditation. We also do community work and apostolate duties in the parishes. I worked with the youth in St. Fidelis Mabvuku and St Clement center for 2 years. We also have sporting activities such as soccer. Through participation, sport helps address anti-social behavior and it is essential for our physical, social, cognitive and spiritual development. Another crucial activity is common recreation which builds community, and promotes good relationships amongst students. We get the opportunity to share our daily experiences, challenges, jokes and to watch television together.
In conclusion I am very grateful for the experience of formation I am getting. I feel that I am growing spiritually.