Br Benjamin Posvo, C.Ss.R


Br Benjamin Posvo was staying at the Police Support Unit with a friend called Stephen Mutizwa when he first heard of the Redemptorists. Initially Redemptorists were not recruiting. However, in 1991 having been invited to the Redemptorist vocations workshop Br Posvo fell in love with the Redemptorists. He kept in touch with the community at St Alphonsus House in Tafara until he was admitted together with Fr William Guri and Mr Joel Nkusane. The other two were finishing their high school studies during that time. In these early days all three were sent to Emerald Hill to teach. They did so while staying in a Jesuit house. When they were brought back to St Alphonsus House, they began humbly in the little house called Bethany.

In 1993 Br Posvo was officially enrolled as a candidate. He was asked to go to Wadzanai Catechetical Training Centre where he did a diploma course in catechesis. On his return to St Alphonsus House, he was made coordinator of catechetics in Mabvuku Parish (and Tafara) while Mr Joel Nkusane and Fr William Guri were sent to Chishawasha Seminary. Br Posvo wanted to become a Redemptorist brother so he had to wait for the formators to determine which academic course suits his needs.

At the end of 1996 he went to the noviciate in South Africa with the rest of the guys including (Bishop) Raymond Mupa who had recently joined. They were in the nociviate the whole of 1997 and returned to Zimbabwe at the beginning of 1998. They took their first vows in January of the same year. After the first profession Br Posvo went back to Wadzanai Catechetical Training Centre for an honours degree in religious studies with the University of Zimbabwe.

In 2001 he became a finally professed Redemptorist brother. This too place in his home village of Chirumhanzi. Br Posvo says that everything that took place on that day is still vivid to him. He was so excited. He could hardly eat and he was overwhelmed with the amount of people as well as the support he got.

Over the years, Br Posvo has been involved in various ministries. He worked with the St Gerard league and the Catechists. He also worked in developmental work at Caritas until he was invited to take over as director at Mavambo Trust in 2008. Other notable work includes relief work for the victims of Operation Clean Up (Murambatsvina) in 2005.

In the congregation, Br Prosvo was appointed the regional vicar and bursar as well as the student prefect and superior of the house at St Alphonsus House. He has also been the representative of brothers in Africa for the congregation.

Currently Br Posvo is the regional superior of the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe as position he held since April 2018 following the elevation of Fr Raymond Mupa as the Bishop of Chinhoyi diocese. On April the 28th of April 2018 Br Posvoo celebrated twenty five years jubilee since his first entry into the congregation. The event re-echoed the huge attendance and support that characterized his first profession. It took place at his homestead in Chirumhanzi and bishops Mupa and Bhasera were in attendance.