Mavambo Trust: A note on 2018

By Br Benjamin Posvo (Director)
At Mavambo Trust, the year 2018 saw a lot of significant changes as we focused more on Goromonzi, Chitungwiza and Harare under the USAID grant. Mavambo offered a number of partnerships with various players in development in its effort to alleviate poverty. The organisation also mentored and seconded staff to government. In addition, our institution granted support for children to go to school and be placed appropriately. A lot of adolescent empowerment was done through skills development, financial development, support groups and national campaigns. House hold economic strengthening was enhanced as a sustainability measure.
The year 2018 saw the donor base of Mavambo remain stable. WE are grateful to all the partners who are working with us and remaining with us in the middle of our grave need to alleviate poverty. It is only when we work together that we can make a difference.
Mavambo has benefited from a stable staff although few key staff members moved on. The Highlight of the year was when Sr. Cathy came as guest honour at the graduation ceremony. The other significant occasion is when we got a 27-seater bus for the staff and children. This served us from the plight of transport.
As always, Mavambo had many visitors throughout the year from different countries and from in and around Zimbabwe. It is in our spirit of trying to a make a difference that we believe in the opportunity of playing host to visitors. These people help us to make a huge difference in our undertakings.
Mavambo had some challenges which include power cuts and fuel shortages which required long hours of queuing. There was also the challenge of cholera which deprived many people the ability to gather in big numbers.
Finally, we are proud of our effort despite challenges brought o each one of us and collectively as an organisation .On behalf of Mavambo staff, board , volunteers and beneficiaries we would like to thank our funding partners for their effort.