Redemptorist Region Appointments

The Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe

Appointments 2019

Regional Council
Ordinary Council
Regional Leader: Br. Benjamin T. Posvo
Vicar: Fr. Joseph Musendami
Consulter: Fr. Tryvis Moyo

Extended Council (The Ordinary Council plus the following confreres)
Fr. William Guri
Br. David Nyamuronda
Fr. Gift V. Mubaiwa

a. St. Gerard’s, Borrowdale
i. Fr. Tryvis Moyo: Rector, Parish Priest and Lecturer at Holy Trinity College
ii. Fr. Francis Kunaka: Chiweshe
iii. Fr. Byrne Manyenga: Assistant Priest
iv. Fr. George Hama: Assistant Priest

b. Novitiate
i. Fr. Joseph Musendami: Novice Master, Rector and Parish Priest at Mabvuku, Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
ii. Fr. Victor Bushu: Socius Novice Master and Parish Priest at Tafara, St. Alphonsus.

c. Alphonsus House
i. Br. Benjamin Posvo: Rector and Director of Mavambo Trust.
ii. Fr. William Guri: Prefect of Students, Initiator of proposed Scala Institute for Psycho-Spiritual Support, Formation Director for Transition to Ministry programme and Regional on-going Formation.
iii. Br. Tendai Tamai: Mavambo
iiii. Br. Tendayi Lemeyu: Mavambo
v. Fr. Brian Dolan: Lecturer at Holy Trinity College
vi. Fr. Dominic Ampoma: Assistant Perfect of Students, Assistant Parish Priest at Mabvuku
vii. Fr. Albert Zindonda: Postulant Director, Assistant Parish Priest at Tafara
viii. Rev. Emerson: Assistant Parish Priest at Mabvuku, Assistant Postulant Master and Minister of the House
ix. Fr. Isaac Davies: Sabbatical course at St. Mary’s, Kinnoull, Scotland and assuming a significant post on his return.
d. Holy Redeemer
i. Br. David Nyamuronda: Rector and Director of Caritas
ii. Fr. Gift Mubaiwa: Parish Priest at Hatclife, St. Augustine, Regional Secretary and Regional Bursar
iii. Fr. Mark Chikuni: Dean at Holy Trinity College (3 years), Director of Social Media and Archivist
iiii. Br. Kenneth Temba: Director of Redemptorist Development Trust and the Bookshop
e. Studies and Working Abroad
i. Fr. Elias Gweme: Ministry in Parish at the Abbey, Birmingham, UK.
ii. Fr. Casper Mukabva: Ministry in Parish at Our Lady of Victories (St. Mary’s), Clapham, UK.
iii. Fr. Gideon Sidinga: Studies, Rome.
iiii. Fr. Kenneth Macharaga: Studies, Australia.